Super Competition 904 Small Block Aluminum(1966-Up)

This transmission is one of our most popular models!  It covers many applications while keeping the cost down from our all-out ultimate competition type transmission.  This transmission is considered the best value for your money.  This unit can handle high horsepower in lighter cars and makes a great bracket race transmission with both durability and reliability built into it.  There are many options for this transmission, but here are some of the popular choices.

Components:  Race prepped case with external pressure adjustment, aluminum high drum with retainer, new springs, upper plate, 4-5 clutches, lightened sun shell with holes, steel low/reverse drum with bearing, rear roller support, billet low/reverse piston kit, choice of 3- or 4-pinion steel capped front planetary and 3- or 4-pinion rear planetary, depending on application, all machined for Torrington bearings, stock ratio is 2.45/1.45/1:1, A&A's ultimate sprag, red, Kevlar or carbon bands and clutches, new reinforced band strut and lever, modified front pump and support with A&A's hardened front pump gears, A&A Transmission's Ultimate Reverse Pattern Transbrake valve body, A&A's billet filter extension and choice of deep pan.

Your Price $3,550.00

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