Competition Plus 904 Small Block Aluminum High (1966-Up)

This transmission is our most popular transmission for the serious street and strip racer or for the more serious bracket racer.  It has the most common upgrades built into it from our basic competition unit.  It features A&A's manual reverse pattern valve body with (Low Band Apply) technology.  There are some options for this transmission.  Below are some of the popular choices.

Components:  Race prepped case with external pressure adjustment, aluminum high gear drum, 4-5 clutches, billet low/reverse piston, A&A's ultimate sprag or regular bolt in sprag, choice of 3- or 4-pinion steel capped front planetaries and 3- or 4-pinion rear planetaries that use stock type thrust washers, stock ratio is 2.45/1.45/1:1, modified front pump and support, A&A manual reverse pattern valve body, red, Kevlar or carbon clutches and bands, reinforced band strut and lever, A&A's billet filter extension and deep pan of choice.

Your Price $2,250.00

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